I was just thinking that i’d avoided a major embarrassment earlier in the year. 

A couple months ago at uni, we had to complete work on a joint file. In this file I put in the wrong information, but people could not identify who made the changes to the document. Good for me, no one knew that you could actually see who made what individual changes, so no one knew it was me LOL.

The next day in class, a friend came up to me and started teasing what I had put in the document: ‘did you see what this girl put in? It’s so stupid, it doesn’t even make sense’. Needless to say, I was embarrassed out of my mind. For whatever reason, she thought it was a girl who put the wrong info in. I wonder what would’ve happened if I told her that, that was me LOL,

Awkwardness all round.

When you Think you Know People.

So i’ve got a friend. I like to think of him as a worse version of myself. He has little care for anyone other than his closest friends and family. He is VERY blunt in the way he speaks and probably genuinely thinks he’s the best in Japanese and in gaming (he is amazing at these things though).He can be a pretty cold person too, who thinks he knows everything about everyone. Sometimes, he’ll come out with a conversation opener like: ‘when are you gonna be done programming?’, (because i told him i’d been into computer programming recently), and i’d be surprised because i never told him that i’d be doing that now, so he’d kinda just guess and based on what he knows, he’d think of the thing i’d most likely be doing at the time of day. Sometimes I humour him when he guesses things wrong, maybe i shouldn’t feed him haha,but it’s ok. It’s actually scary though because sometimes he gets something so catches me off guard.He has an extremely good memory which is good for thinking of what i’d be doing..
He used to annoy me so much though. It always felt like he thought he was better than everyone else. At one point I was so consistently annoyed that I didn’t really want to associate myself with him.

Oh did i mention he happens to be one of my closest friends now?

The problem with me describing how I know him and how he thinks he knows others, is that you push yourself into a corner. You think to yourself ‘yep, this is what he does and it isn’t in his character to do it differently’. Suddenly they become very one-dimensional. which definitely is not a bad thing, but when something DIFFERENT, happens, then what?

Maybeeeeee, three months ago, for the first time since we’d been friends (and we go way back to high school days), he actually opened up to me. I would never ask about these sorts of things and he’d never mention anything about feelings, because he really wasn’t the type of dude i’d want to talk about feelings with anyway LOL.

He told me that he recently broke up with his girl friend and how it never works out for him. I remember being really envious of him in year 7, because he managed to get a really cute girl to go out with him. He was literally the talk of our year level at the time, I even remember our teacher gossiped about it with our class, haha. Despite his ability to rake in the chicks, it never lasted for him and his most recent relationship had been the longest at around 3 years (though my memory is sketchy).

He was so cut I didn’t know what to do other than offer words of support. So I really just listened. This felt so out of character I wondered if I was talking to the same dude.This whole situation caught me by surprise because this relationship was secret, at least from me (same for what felt like every other relationship happening at highschool -.-). I thought back to the days where he used to annoy me so, and I thought to myself ‘wow, this guy is human as well. Despite the way he acts, he’s actually got feelings too’,

We haven’t talked about anything meaningful since.

Dream Diary #6.

It seemed like dusk. The sky was really dark orange. I think I was in the desert and the sand was covering out the sun, which caused the orange colouring. 

For whatever reason, my friend and I were being chased by zombies… Now these zombies weren’t the slow type. These dudes actually ran, which was terrifying, and they wore helmets with WWII sorta, nazi-esk clothing..

Despite having other friends in the area, the zombies completely ignored them and chased my particular friend and I…. I don’t recall carrying anything while I ran, in the sense that I could’ve taken something from them and was running away. We just ran for whatever reason.

So the humans who weren’t being chased did things like push down barrels to stop the zombies from reaching us. It almost felt like a keepings off game.

I remember running on these Roman aqueduct structures to get away. It was actually pretty cool, because they look amazing, but I was also scared because it was high up and I am somewhat afraid of heights…

That was it. No epic conclusion (not that dreams are very conclusive), but at least I didn’t get eaten in it like I have in another zombie dream I had as a child :D I might write about that one, one day, because that nightmare has stuck with me for almost literally half my life.

Should i be Proud of This?

Yesterday my mum showed me how to properly cut this particular ham that i always had trouble cutting. Now whenever i cut the ham i feel proud in myself.

Seems pretty pitiful LOL

On the note of food, i’m kinda learning how to cook at the moment. So hopefully that goes well.

Dream Diary #5.

I have no clue when i drafted this, but i find that i can actually remember this dream, reading back on what i’d drafted.

So in the dream i was standing on a hill at my PRIMARY school and i saw one of my HIGH school friends who had no connection to the place and felt puzzled. Directly after this, another HIGH school friend of mine walked right past me. I tried to catch up to them but for some reason i ended up at the bottom of the hill which had become mysteriously steeper, so i had to crawl my way up. 
I lost sight of him because I took too long to climb up.

My dream sorta skips a bit and i end up in a bus driving through my HIGH school slowly, almost tour guide like. Then on the side, I saw my dad with some Indian women handing out fliers or some shiet. I waved from inside the bus and my dad waved back, but it didn’t look like he could see me clearly. After passing them I somehow was out of the bus and I met my mum and told her that dad was with some Indian women and my mum was like outraged LOL.

I then skip again to this underground place, which looked like a darker version of an area at RMIT, and think about a Jordin Sparks concert….. LOL.
i have no idea where Jordin Sparks came from. I had not thought of her for years and yet she pops up… 

update note: (i think i had this dream before going to a taylor swift concert… so maybe i kinda thought of female artists because of that)